I've finally found a concept store! I'm on holiday near Saint Gervais les Bains, Mont Blanc in France and I've spent the best part of it trying to find a unique interior deco concept store. I came across this little gem when I was exploring the town of Chamonix (which is great by the way, full of street cafes and lovely shops) and it honestly brightened my mood so much (sad I know).

RĂªves d'Hiver (which means Winter Dreams) sells a range of design lead homeware products from some of my favourite design companies such as Ferm and Bloomingville as well as local designers and (I had to restrain myself from buying everything!). They also stock some really cute fashion accessories too, like jewellery (I was eyeing up a funky cactus bracelet) and purses.

As soon as I walked into the shop, so many beautifully designed products caught my eye and everything was presented so luxuriously. A lot of products were shown in their intended settings so that they could easily be put into context and imagined in the customers own home.

The minimal and contemporary style of the products sold there really appealed to me as this is the sort of design that I really really love! I ended up buying a couple of things although I really wanted so much more!

If you in that area I definitely recommend checking it out - if not you can have a gander at their website - -  or their Facebook page -

Here are a couple of pics of the lovely jubbly bits they had in stock whilst I was there!

Much love, Jas xoxo

P.S. If anyone knows of any cool concept stores anywhere around the world let me know because I am obsessed :)

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