I’ve finally moved house and I cannot be happier! The stress was real, but I’ve moved in with the yin to my yang and I finally feel comfortable in my own home (something that didn’t happen in my last place).  Although we’ve moved into a smaller house, it is so lovely and my room is actually LOADS bigger (more room for all my crap! Yay!) AND I have my own bathroom!! 

The moving day itself was super duper stressful because the girl who was moving out didn’t realise she had to that day and so was still living there when we had to hand our keys in for our old place (and they were not happy!). But once we were finally in everything ran quite smoothly and didn’t take too long to unpack (thanks Mum and Dad!)

I've been in for about three weeks now (two of those without wifi or data so loads of books were read) and I'm still loving it. Its a lovely little place with quick and easy snack access into Headingley which can only be a good thing.

Anywho, I wanted to show off my new place so here are some snaps!

Much love, Jas xoxo

P.S. Most stuff is from Ikea because Ikea is life (apart from my bedside thingy which is a veg trolley from Amazon and the green marble box from Urban Outfitters).